J. & L. Lobmeyr, 2013

The 'Alphabet'1 drinking set is composed by twelve glasses and a pitcher. The pieces have been designed for the Viennese crystal company J. & L. Lobmeyr2 as part of the site-specific installation 'The Stranger Within'3 at the Geymüllerschlössel, commissioned by the MAK Museum in Vienna in 2013.
№ – Alphabet, view of the collection.
All pieces are engraved with twelve different patterns referring to the archive of the company. The design suggests a different way of arranging the pieces on the table. The glasses are conceived to be disposed upside down and one inside the other. Like a crystal dome used to cover still-life, the bigger glass protects the smaller ones and the two engraved patterns, due to the transparency of the material, are combining in a new design. Two thin lines in golden colour suggest the perfect positioning. The design highlights the pleasure of diversity within a set of objects while revisiting the rules of table setting.
№ – Drawing, water tumbler with patterns.
№ – Wine and water tumblers.
№ – Wine and water tumblers.
№ – Drawing, water tumblers.

Notes, References and External Links

1. The Alphabet collection is composed of 12 wine and water glasses and a decanter. The design highlights the pleasure of diversity within a group, while toying with the rules of table setting.

2. J. & L. LobmeyrCrystal stemware. J. & L. Lobmeyr, High-end, family-owned shop since 1823 crafting crystal stemware & chandeliers, with a brand museum.

3. 'The Stranger Within'. Ambivalent stances towards the "foreign" or "strange" are the theme that Formafantasma have chosen for their solo presentation 'The Stranger Within' at the MAK Museum, Geymullerschlossel branch.


CONCEPT, DESIGN Andrea Trimarchi, Simone Farresin
DEVELOPMENT Francesco Zorzi
PHOTO CREDITS Federico Floriani


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