From then on

From then on

Established & Sons, 2014

To celebrate the first ten years of Established and Sons1 , Formafantasma design 'From then on', a deconstructed clock conceived in dialogue with the architecture of the company’s showroom.
№ – From then on, view of the Installation.
№ – Marble Clock / Hour Revolution.
'From then on' poetically visualizes the ephemeral and enduring qualities of time through the use of timeless materials: marble, brass and fabric. The installation is Formafantasma's way to celebrate Established and Sons with five intimate and kinetic pieces, each of which represents the passage of time differently. 'From then on' does not nostalgically look back, but looks forward to what is to come. In the 'Time as a Circular Motion (hours)' piece, a clock face in Carrara marble marks the slow pace of the hour as each revolution aligns the natural pattern of mineral veins across the concentric circles.
№ – From then on, view of the Installation.
№ – Pendulum / One Second Delay, detail.
The 'Fighting Time (second)' Pendulum is symbolically challenging the consequence of time. A pendulum sweeps a brush across a concave brass surface preventing the oxidization that naturally occurs by the second.
№ – Saxophones / Quarter of an Hour Repeat.
№ – Saxophones / Quarter of an Hour Repeat, detail.
In the 'Time as a Celebration of Instances(15 minutes)', the two Saxophones play every fifteen minutes to announce and celebrate the experience of daily life as it evolves.
№ – Fan Clock / Five Minutes Movement.
№ – Fan Clock / Five Minutes Movement.
In the Fan Clock 'Time as Repeated Opposed Actions (5 minutes), a fan unfolds and swings shut over 5 minutes; the repeated opposing action articulates the stability of a unit of time whilst playfully reminding us that our internal measures of time vary.

Notes, References and External Links

1. Established & Sons is a British brand representing all that is innovative in contemporary design. The Established & Sons collection includes some of the most important examples of 21st-century design. Many of the pieces have been acquired by international museums, galleries, institutions and private collections.


CONCEPT, DESIGN Andrea Trimarchi, Simone Farresin
DEVELOPMENT Andrea Trimarchi, Simone Farresin, Francesco Zorzi, Nicola Lorini
PRODUCTION Established & Sons
PHOTO CREDITS Peter Lindgreen


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